The Universities Award – Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE)

Throughout your student life you have been learning skills that the government call Key Skills. In your lessons in Key Stage 3 and 4 you have been acquiring competences in the following skills areas


Application of Number

Information Technology

There are three more Key Skills called the ‘wider key skills’ that the government are keen to see schools develop with students of all ages

Improving your Own Learning and Performance

Problem Solving

Working with Others

These skills are difficult to test. However, an award that had at its centre the assessment of these skills would undoubtedly contribute to the success of every future employee or student. In response to this ASDAN have created the Universities Award, not just for those wanting to go to University, but an award that accredits these much sought after wider key skills.

 These skills are recognised by all employers as essential and a certificate which states that you have gained an award assessed at Level 3 will give you an added advantage. Many universities have recognised its value and will even offer points on its completion. Over 140 universities have recognised its value in the admissions process. It has been the case that students have been offered 60 points less on their university application because they have the Universities award.

The Universities Award is now recognised by UCAS at the application stage and appears on the UCAS information for applicants form.

Why the ASDAN Universities Award?

The award will…

  • Enrich your curriculum
  • Enhance the guidance programme for the sixth form
  • Bring currency to the enrichment programme
  • Help you manage your own learning
  • Involve you in wider key skills accreditation
  • Give you opportunity to be involved in the community
  • Eventually give credit for activities which take place outside school
  • Develop skills considered important for success in Education and Employment
  • Gain an award valued in further and higher education
  • Show evidence of portfolio based assessment
ChallengePrinciple Key Skill In The ChallengeType Of Activity
Active CitizenshipWorking With OthersLearning Support At South Wirral High SchoolnLiaison With PrimariesnLiaison With Residential Homes
Career PlanningProblem SolvingCompleting UCAS FormsnDriving Test
Additional Interests & Skills DevelopmentImproving Your Own LearningnProblem SolvingCommunity Sports Leader AwardnDigital PhotographynDuke of EdinburghnTaking Part In A School Production