What We Expect Of You

South Wirral High School Sixth Form works on building excellent relationships with its students based on mutual respect. Sixth Form study at South Wirral High School is a stepping stone from the tight structures of GCSE to the independence of study at University or the world of work.
We set high standards for our Sixth Form students in terms of:


         Shoes & Trousers (No shorts)

         Shirt & Tie


         Trousers or Skirt (Knee length) & shoes

         Blouse or top appropriate for an office

       Excellent attendance and punctuality.

Effective use of Private Study. Work outside of lessons is essential for success at A Level, both in school and at home. There will be times during the day when students have no timetabled lesson with a teacher. At this time they need to plan their own work effectively. This will normally involve working in the library and S16. South Wirral Sixth Form staff monitor students’ use of Private Study time. The ability to study independently is a key skill for those who continue to University.

Active participation. There are a vast number of opportunities for students at South Wirral High School Sixth Form. We encourage each student to balance their academic studies with other activities on offer – either as part of our Enrichment Programme or elsewhere.

A positive role model. Being a student at South Wirral High School Sixth Form has its responsibilities. Each student has the opportunity to influence younger members of the school by their conduct and their willingness to take on responsibility for others – for example as a Prefect, a member of the Sixth Form Council or in helping with a club or an activity. We expect South Wirral High School Sixth Formers to take on this responsibility!

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