School Performance Indicators

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Progress 8-0.08-0.120.16 (sig+)
Attainment 8CC-C
Achieving 5+ A*-C including English & Maths52.6%46%47.4%53.5%53.9%58.9%
Achieving A*-C English & Maths59.1%
Achieving 5+ A*-C69.3%59%63.9%83.5%89.5%88.5%
Achieving 5+ A*-G96.4%97%98.5%98.5%96.9%99.5%
Achieving English At A*-C59%59%52.1%66%64.2%62.5%
Achieving Maths At A*-C70.8%62%71.1%62%67.9%66.1%
Expected level of progress Maths64.3%62%72%68%69%68%
Expected level of progress English62%58%57%63%60%61%
Exceeding expected level of progress Maths22.2%22.2%25.8%25%23%not available
Exceeding expected level of progress English25.6%16.2%17.1%19%15%not available
% of students achieving EBacc15%16.5%29.1%26%11%n/a