‘The Pledges’- Embracing the SMSC agenda

As a school, we are always challenging our students academically but a major strength of our school is the enrichment and extra-curricular activities. These include residential trips, special days, guest speakers, extra-curricular clubs, charity work and educational trips.  Students have so many enrichment opportunities we call them ‘Pledges’.

“Students have a wide range of opportunities to attend clubs and extra classes and develop leadership skills in the wider community.” Ofsted 2013

A pledge is ‘a promise to do or give’ and we have identified ten pledges that will help our students develop socially, spiritually and culturally throughout their time at South Wirral. Our aim is to encourage all students to take part in at least one activity under each different pledge.

We have called them the ‘Ten over 5 Pledges’ meaning students should aim to complete ten pledges over five years.


The Ten over 5 Pledges

  1. Take part in a residential experience
  2. Perform or present to an audience in or out of school or represent the school in an activity
  3. Attend a ‘professional performance.’
  4. Meet a person/people who can widen your knowledge of the world
  5. Take part in an international experience
  6. Visit and engage with a national or local park, gallery, museum, heritage site, library or archive
  7. Visit a place of worship or spiritual significance to gain an understanding of the different cultures within society
  8. Take part in Work-Related Learning
  9. Join a club, society or organisation in or out of school
  10. Actively contribute to charity work or community-based project in or out of school


We also have pledges for the Sixth Form – achieve six pledges over two years.

‘6 for Vl’ Pledges

  1. Perform or represent the school in the community/school
  2. Achieve additionally recognised qualifications
  3. Complete work-related Learning
  4. Partake in pastoral/subject specific trips and activities
  5. Take up extra responsibilities/activities in/outside of the Sixth Form
  6. Get involved in charity work


Why have we chosen these ‘Pledges’?

We asked our Student Voice team what students felt were the most memorable experiences of school life. They suggested what they felt would help develop them socially, spiritually and culturally and prepare them for the wider world.

We also wanted to embrace the fundamental principles of the SMSC agenda fully, promoting Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural opportunities.


Rewarding students for taking an active part in SMSC activities

Our thorough student tracking system records and monitors each student’s Pledge.  We reward students for being active members of the school and wider community and identify students who need motivating to take a more active role in the life of the school.

We award students for their commitment to the Pledges. We host a very special ‘Into the Limelight’ Assembly each year and award students for the following:

Ten Pledges – ‘Into the Limelight’ Gold Certificate

Nine Pledges – ‘Into the Limelight’ Silver Certificate

Eight Pledges – ‘Into the Limelight’ Bronze Certificate

“The ‘Pledge’ system is nationally recognised as good practice. It is a guarantee to each student of an individual programme of experiences that help to build their self-confidence or make a significant contribution to the school and the wider community during their time in school.”  Ofsted 2013

Pledges give students the opportunity to experience a broad and varied social, spiritual and cultural enrichment programme that enables them to become confident, independent and self-disciplined. The Pledges empowers students to become good participators, performers, communicators and creators. As individuals, they acquire life-long experiences that will help them as individuals move freely and productively beyond the boundaries of their community.