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Ethos & Values

Ethos & Values

Our school mission statement:

‘Raising achievement in partnership with families and the community.’

declares a vision for our school where each student’s progress is remarkable. We focus on the whole educational experience for each student, aiming for success in examinations and the other aspects of school life, sports, the arts, leadership and extra-curricular activities.

The confidence and skills students gain, ensure pathways to university and the world of work. This can only be achieved by working with families and a range of community partners.

Five key statements describe our culture, that is, how we achieve our vision.

  • Achievement: Focus on teaching and learning
  • Attitudes: Encourage all members of our community
  • Planning: Use an approach that promotes enquiry, reflection and good communications
  • Partnership: See leadership as a concept to which all contribute
  • Environment: Seek to improve working conditions for all members of the school community

It is leadership that delivers the culture and the vision, so we came together as a staff and defined the qualities we expect from each other.

So each member of staff makes a commitment to:

  • Promote South Wirral High School’s values and beliefs
  • Demonstrate vision and inspiration
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills
  • Being a learning professional
  • Involving supporting and developing colleagues
  • Being active and creative
  • Being organised and strategic

The personal qualities of leadership define the culture that delivers our vision.

Mr S. Goodwin

Headteacher, South Wirral High School