Syria Relief – Clothing Donations Needed

Syria is devastated by Civil war. Millions of people are suffering as the result of a brutal attack on their cities and country. Thousands have lost their lives, many more will follow.
We are organising a clothing collection to send to Syrian refugee camps at the end of September, as thousands of people face a hard, cold winter in poor conditions. Our staff and students have been asked to each donate two winter clothing items, one for Syria and one for a local homeless charity. Every item will be an unbelievable gift of kindness.
The Civil war in Syria has devastated cities with bombs and destruction, causing over 3,000,000 people to flee from their homes with nowhere to go.
What would you do if it happened here? Would you want help?
If you would like to donate clothing, please bring to school reception on Tuesday 15th and 22nd September. We are taking the clothing to the Syria Relief warehouse in Manchester in time for delivery to Syria at the end of September. All donations will be gratefully received.