Students fundraise over £500 for Claire House

Today we welcomed Avril Parr from Claire House, to speak to some of our students about the fundraising they had been doing for the Children’s Hospice.

Daniel Luckman and Daniel Collins in year 7 organised a charity football match to raise money for the local charity. The boys were inspired by YouTuber SpencerFC who had previously organised a charity football match at Wembley. They took it upon themselves to plan their own event to raise money for Claire House, organising the match to take place on at 23rd October 2pm at Plymyard Fields in Eastham. The boys enrolled the help of other students and friends to take part in the match and asked their families to come along and support the match.

Avril from Claire House who helped with the fundraising resources said:

how amazing that at such a young age the boys are organising their own events and willing to help their local children’s hospice. The difference it is going to make at Claire House is just incredible

The match was a success and the boys managed to raise over £250 for Claire House. Avril awarded Daniel and Daniel special certificates from Claire House to mark their fantastic work. The boys said:

“we wanted to do it for charity as it would be a good cause”

“we got a lot of friends from primary school, South Wirral and my football team to play in the match”

We also welcomed back alumni Hannah Dobson, who handed over a cheque for £250 to Claire House in memory of former student Kieran Reeves who tragically passed away last year. The Sixth Prom Committee (2015) had successfully fundraised the money as part of their efforts to run a Sixth Form Prom at the end of the year. They had carried our cake sales, sold refreshments at events and made Christmas gifts to raise the money. Hannah said:

“ we realised when we got to prom that we had money left over. With the connections we had with Kieran and everyone else will have some sort of connection to Claire House through someone they know we thought it would be a really good use of the money”

The Prom Committee made the decision to donate all of the surplus funds to Claire House in memory to Kieran Reeves as a number of students in Sixth Form were close friends and it meant a lot to them.

As a school, we are very proud of the work our students are doing outside of school to help support their local community. This caring attitude of our students demonstrates their commitment to helping others.

Well done Daniel, Daniel, Hannah and the whole of Sixth Form. Great work!