Students Donate Clothing for Syrian Refugees & Homeless

An emotional plea to help Syrian refugees, facing a brutally cold winter in camps, has been met with enormous kindness from our students, who have pledged to do their bit to help. And help they did! Hundreds of students lined up in assembly, armed with bags of warm clothing to send to Syrian refugee camps, which will be delivered to the Syrian Relief warehouse in Manchester in the coming weeks.

South Wirral High School decided to tackle the challenge of helping people in Syria, as part of our ’Pledge’ system, encouraging students to think of others:

• Pledge 10 “Actively contribute to charity work or community-based project in or out of school.

A clothing collection was organised as part of a conscious effort to help the thousands of people fleeing homes in Syria, torn apart by civil war, and to enable our students to consider, and have a positive impact on their world.

As well as helping Syrian refugees, 50% of all clothing donated, will be taken to the Wirral Churches Ark Project and Charles Thompson Mission, who also offer valuable services to the homeless within the Birkenhead area.

Headteacher Catherine McCormack said:

“I’m really proud of our students, who chose to start the school year with such commitment to social justice.”

Once again, South Wirral High School students have shown such incredible kindness, to those less fortunate than themselves.