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Student Success With Young Chamber

Since joining the Wirral Chamber of Commerce pilot scheme, Young Chamber, the students have learned been privy to employability experts, and guest speakers from local businesses, whom students have the opportunity to talk to.

Alongside South Wirral High School Sixth Form courses, Young Chamber activities will provide students with the opportunity to take responsibility, make decisions and work with others within a business culture. Students may choose a vocational route or an academic pathway, but either way, our partnership with Young Chamber means we can signpost students to employers, and prepare them for the world of work.

Here are just a few examples of how Young Chamber works alongside South Wirral High School Wirral:

• Enterprise Days – develop students’ branding and business skills for employment.

Employability training including interview techniques and core competencies, universities and employers look for in young people.

• Exclusive links to local businesses, providing possible work experience, mentoring and job opportunities in various job areas, including engineering, health & social care, and commercial companies.

Young Chamber fits well with our social responsibility, valuing and supporting young people at South Wirral High School by unlocking their potential as apprentices when leaving Sixth Form. So far we have run Employability Month, a series of master-class workshops, led by Young Chamber’s apprenticeship expert, Alex Jones. Young Chamber is helping out students become ‘work-ready’, preparing them for future careers.

Sixth former (year 13 student), Cameron Arrowsmith joined South Wirral’s Young Chamber scheme, by attending every opportunity they provided. Young Chamber works well if students show initiative, and want to learn. The workshops provide students with a unique advantage in accessing local businesses and receive support – even one-to-one guidance by experts from the Young Chamber.

Our star student, Cameron Arrowsmith, has just received an offer for an Apprenticeship at Markhams Construction Consultants, Liverpool. He attended every Young Chamber event and got noticed by the team, who soon realised his unswerving commitment. As a result, Cameron was coached one-to-one before his interview, receiving an extra confidence boost to help him get the job. Which he did! We asked Cameron how Young Chamber was instrumental in his achievement.

South Wirral’s Miss Willis, who works alongside the Young Chamber, interviewed Cameron.

Miss Willis: “Why did you want to join the Young Chamber, Cameron?”

Cameron: “After they came in and did an assembly in school, I knew they would be able to help prepare me for an apprenticeship. They were very clear you get out what you put in. The staff at the Young Chamber really know their stuff, so I knew then that this was an incredible and unique opportunity.”
MW: “How has Young Chamber helped you achieve your well-earned apprenticeship?”
C: “I attended all the Employability Month Workshops, which helped us with all aspects of applying for jobs, and being interview ready. When I found out I had an interview, Miss Willis arranged for Alex to give me a mock interview, and additional tips to help me. I got the job! I know that all my extra coaching from the Young Chamber, and all the workshops I attended, put me at a distinct advantage, and boosted my confidence too. I would recommend being part of the Young Chamber at South Wirral High School Sixth Form, but you only get out what you put in; it’s a two-way street.”

Cameron’s apprenticeship offer is fantastic, here are the details:

Cameron will take his first steps as a quantity surveyor and will be expected to progress to a higher national award and a degree by day- release, and in the longer term become a chartered quantity surveyor. While the on the job training is practical, the study required is of a more academic nature.

Well done, Cameron, and thank you Young Chamber!