Student Destinations 2016: Cameron

We met with Cameron at his place of work, Markhams Ltd, where he has begun his high-level apprenticeship.

“Markhams is a practice of professionals providing Project Management, Quantity Surveying, and CDM services to select clients.” Markhams Ltd.

The Quantity Surveying Apprenticeship includes studying a part-time degree, BSc Quantity Surveying BA (Hons) at Liverpool John Moores University. We asked our ‘Student Destinations student’ Cameron about his first few months in the ‘real world’ and how life is after South Wirral High School Sixth Form.

What Cameron Says
“Now, I’m in the adult world; I feel excited about my future, and am learning so much already. When I began my apprenticeship, this summer, I had to complete a CS test (Constructions Skills). This was to ensure I was safe ‘on site’ because of the nature of the business. So far, I have assisted on ten site visits, including the most interesting one so far, Ogden’s Tobacco Factory, Everton, Liverpool. This is being converted into apartments by Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH). I enjoyed that one particularly!

Cameron in Markham's Baord room

Cameron in Markham’s Baord room

Getting Real-World Experience
When I go on a site visit, I’m given real-world tasks to do, such as GIFA (Gross Internal Floor Area) measurements. I use a scaled ruler and A3 paper. I also update the company database, with materials and goods information. I also have looked at the M & E (Mechanical Electrical drawings). This helps you decide where things like sockets should be placed. I also consider the type of customer who may live there. One visit was for a care scheme, so additional considerations were taken into account. Clients with restricted mobility have to be able to live easily within the space.

Studying for a part-time Degree
As well as my apprenticeship at Markhams, I’m studying a part-time degree at Liverpool John Moores University, and go every Monday from 9am to 7pm. It’s a long day, but all of the students on my course are apprentices, so we’re in the same boat. At the moment we’re doing Construction Technology & Academic Digital Literature. Basically, I am learning to write professionally and technically!

All these practical tasks, alongside University, are helping me learn so much, it’s mind-blowing!

Cameron at SWHS Young Chamber Employability Workshop

Cameron at SWHS Young Chamber Employability Workshop

Extra Support from South Wirral Sixth Form
South Wirral High School helped me get here, and I want to recognise their part in my success. The teachers were so supportive and helped me build my confidence. Doing Drama A-Level was a huge factor in helping me communicate well in different situations, so thanks to Mrs. Arnold (Head of Drama)! Also, I joined the Young Chamber scheme, through school, and won the Young Chamber of the Year award (at South Wirral).  Young Chamber coached me with interview techniques, and I completed the Employability Month with them at school, so I felt more prepared when I was looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

Director, Ian Johnson, with Cameron

Director, Ian Johnson, with Cameron

Markham’s gave me this brilliant opportunity, and I am so happy about it! I really enjoy working for them and have felt welcomed by the team. Life after school is pretty good, yeah!” Cameron Arrowsmith

We asked one of Markham’s Directors, Ian Johnson, about Cameron.

“Cameron has commenced work extremely well at Markhams and is enjoying his work. We will continue to support him as he progresses through his Surveying Apprenticeship to achieve his full goal of Chartered Surveyer Status.” Ian Johnson, Director