Student Chefs Busy In The Kitchen

It’s been a busy half term for Cookery Club. We now have 12 members all keen to be the next Jamie Oliver!!

In January we celebrated Burns’ Night. Robert Burns is Scotland’s national poet. His most famous poem is Auld Lang Syne which we still use today at New Years Eve parties when the clock strikes midnight.

Traditionally on January 25th, Robert Burn’s birthday, the Scottish have supper parties and have Haggis, a savoury pudding made from oatmeal, minced sheep’s heart, lungs and liver, fat and spices which is stuffed into the lining of a sheep’s stomach and boiled for a couple of hours. When it is cooked it is put on a silver tray and a Scottish piper pipes it in with the bagpipes. At cookery club we tried out this tradition, Mrs Connolly provided the Haggis and Miss Rice provided the bagpipes (from YouTube!). We are pleased to say the Haggis was devoured by Cookery Club and thoroughly enjoyed by all!!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year and made Sweet and Sour Chicken for students to take home. Mr Burton kindly paid a visit to a Chinese supermarket for us and got us some other Chinese food to taste which was much appreciated.

We finished half term with Valentines Day and made some delicious homemade fudge, a lovely present for all those Valentines at home, that’s if it made it home!

There is lots more to look forward to this coming half term – with Pancake Day, St David’s Day, St Patricks Day and of course Easter.

Cookery club is on Tuesday 3.05-4.30pm in T24. If you would like to go on the waiting list please see Mrs Connolly at break time for a letter.