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Student Artwork Displayed in Lady Lever Art Gallery

On the 21st January 2017, Sixth Form Fine Art students had the amazing opportunity to attend the Private View Party of their artwork on display at the internationally-renowned Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight.

The exhibition, called ‘Fresh Perspectives’ showcases artwork from four local Wirral schools across three rooms, and exhibits a diverse selection of paintings, drawings, textiles and sculptures in the same space that has housed masterpieces by Turner, Rossetti, and Picasso to name a few.

It is the third time the exhibition has been held at the Gallery and South Wirral High School Sixth Form students excelled themselves in the quality of work they produced. The Art staff are very proud our Fine Art students, a massive congratulations to everyone involved!

Sandra Penketh, Director of Art Galleries at National Museums Liverpool, said:

“The Fresh Perspectives exhibition is always popular with visitors. We are sure that this year’s exhibition will see a similar response.
“From a mixture of portraits and vibrant paintings, to textiles and sculptures, the students are able to show a range of skills and talents in this year’s exhibition. They should all be very proud of their work and what they have achieved.”

We caught up with the students to find out about their artistic inspirations and future aspirations:

Izzy Potts

“It feels amazing to be involved in this exhibition. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, not every day you can say you’ve had work displayed in the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

I’m inspired by all types of art, I love the ceramics in the Lady Lever, but my two favourite artists are Frida Kahlo and Yoko Ono, because they are independent female artists whose work is so inspiring. They’ve influenced work by giving me the confidence to put myself in it, the way they do. I was able to study my face, noticing things I hadn’t before.

I really want to continue my studies in art to university and want to become a professional art dealer in the future.”

Josh Clague

“To have a piece of my own artwork in the Lady Lever Art Gallery is an amazing opportunity and I am privileged to have artwork of mine in such a prestigious gallery.

I was inspired by a handful of artists who worked within the comic book industry. One of the most notable artists is Jim Lee who is one of the most successful comic book artists around. He has worked on some of the most popular comic book titles DC comics has to offer.

I mainly enjoyed the process of creating the comic book characters, through costume and an abundance of makeup and using my friends as the models for my photography. This was an interesting experience as it was the first time I’d ever used my friends as actors to pose for my art and I was able to use my drama skills to achieve this.

I’d love to gain a future career in the art industry, perhaps in comic book illustration or film and TV production.”

Ellie Westbury

“I feel proud of my pieces of artwork displayed in the exhibition and that my hard work has paid off. Even when I found the workload stressful, it has all been worth it now.

My photographs are inspired by the artist Annie Leibovitz who recreates famous fairy tale scenes using celebrities. As my project was based on the children’s story Alice in Wonderland, the original illustrations by Tenniel and Walt Disney’s cartoon version were also both important in my work.

For my photography I thoroughly enjoyed buying, making the props and doing my friend’s hair and makeup as Alice for my photo shoot. It was interesting figuring out which lights and poses work best on camera. I also enjoyed painting the canvas, as I felt I developed my skills in this area.

I would love to become a teacher, and if I did, it would be extremely rewarding to teach art. However, if this doesn’t work out, I still want to work in the field of art and design, perhaps clothing or home décor.”

Bethan Doherty

“It feels amazing to have my work shown in the Lady Lever. Being such a prestigious gallery, I feel that this is a great achievement for me.

My favourite artist would have to be Grace Neutral. She is a fantastic tattoo artist and she really inspired me when I focussed on the project of Horror and the Grotesque. I also found inspiration from research into ghosts and spirits for my project, and the piece I have chosen to exhibit reflect this. I really enjoyed creating the drawing because I love working with shadows and as pencil is my favourite medium to work with, I was able to create exciting shade and tone where the shadows of the materials flowed eerily across the paper.

Just like my inspiration Grace Neutral, I would like to be a tattoo artist in the future.”

Hannah Kinsley-Smith

“Gayle Utters was the main inspiration for my artwork as she paints colourful and abstract portraits of the religious teacher Buddha. This inspired my project as I was looking into Japanese Culture and equal opportunities for diversity and sexual preference.

I really enjoyed creating my artwork, using my friends as models for Geishas. The 3D fan on my canvas gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of materials.

Having my work in the Lady Lever Art Gallery is so exciting because I want a future career in the Arts. I would love to go to University and eventually become and Art Teacher and this is such a great opportunity for me to start with.”

Jessica Hodson

“I feel grateful for this opportunity as it in an honour to have my work in the well-renowned establishment that is the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

I like the process of seeing my artwork develop from a bare canvas, through to a drawing, to a fully painted piece of art. This process that has inspired me and I have decided that I want to pursue a career in Fashion buying and Merchandising after my degree in Manchester.”

Hannah Fairbairn

“Hidden Identity was my project theme and it was very personal to me, so it is so nice to see my ideas displayed publicly and I feel privileged to be given the chance to present them at the Lady Lever Gallery.

I like artists that explore things with deeper messages in them, specifically portraiture, so I really like the portraits at the Lady Lever but am drawn towards more modern portraiture artists such as Hush and Frida Kahlo.

I enjoy portraiture the most because it captures a moment in time, a second in history, and it can often tell the viewer what was happening in the world at the time it was created. This has led me to want to study History for my degree next year.”

Lucy Dunn

“Being part of this exhibition is an honourable experience for me to showcase my skills in art to others. As an artist, the feeling of my artwork being appreciated is tremendous, and for one of my pieces to be going into an art gallery is remarkable. Previously, I have visited the Lady Lever Gallery in search of artists to inspire me in my artwork, and it feels almost absurd for my work to be going in the same gallery as theirs.

My area of art greatly revolves around objects and layered imagery, as I love being creative when the opportunity arises. In my art, I like to blend notions of realism with surrealism to create an image that can be perceived in both ways. My piece named ‘Message in a Bottle’ reflects this, as the bottle appears to be a still object; however, the elements of ships and the seashore inside the bottle bring forward a touch of surrealism and mystery.”

Chloe Hall

“My dad’s tattoos inspired me to create my own tattoo design for my self-portrait. I used the word ‘skin’ and following a graffiti workshop where I produced a visual representation of the word ‘skin’ using spray paints, I painted it on my arm to show the link between me and my father.”

Fresh Perspectives is free to enter and is on at the Lady Lever Art Gallery from January until May 1st.