South Wirral Donates Winter Clothes

In September, we launched an appeal for local homeless people and Syrian Refugees, asking our students to bring in two items of clothing. The appeal inspired enormous kindness, and the response was huge. We had to do two mini bus trips as there were so many bags of clothing.

Year 8 students, Alex, Faye, Emma, Hannah, Elise, Sarah and Eleanor were packed tight in the minibus, stuffed with bags and bags of clothes and shoes. We headed off to the Wirral Ark, Birkenhead, a charity helping local homeless people.

Greeted by the wonderful staff members, the students proceeded to fill the back room with a huge number of bags, much to the delight of Paula Clay, a Wirral Ark staff member, who said:

“We cannot thank South Wirral High School enough. It was great to see so many enthusiastic students wanting to help too! The donations will help disadvantaged people we work with, keep warm this winter.”

Then it was back to school to load up again, this time heading for the Syria Relief Org warehouse. We arrived and ate lunch straight away – all the bag carrying had worked up huge appetites – it was the only point where everyone on the mini bus was quiet! Not before long we were back at it. Creating a steady production line of students and Syrian Relief staff, we proceeded to get the clothing in the warehouse in no time at all, which was good fun!

Syrian Relief worker, Mr Khaliq spoke to our students about the civil war in Syria and why so many refugees are fleeing.

“Syrian people have been caught up in the violence during the war since 2011 and have been forced to leave their homes to escape to safety in other countries. Over four million people have fled Syria since the start of the conflict, the majority, women and children. Due to the vast number of refugees, many children of similar age to you (our students, age 12) are separated from their families, either through death or simply getting separated in the huge mass of evacuees. Think about how hard it would be to walk for 12 hours a day aged 12 or 13 with no food or water, and no idea what will happen to you. Your efforts today have been fantastic. Thank you all for your kindness, donating so much clothing to our appeal.”

Humbled by the experience, one of our students, Alex, stated:

“The people we saw in Birkenhead and Manchester were very grateful for our efforts. We were told that Syrian clothes would be flown out straight to Syria or sent to centres where refugees are taking shelter. It was sad to hear about the many children our age or older, having to walk for miles with no food and no family.”

Returning from Manchester, worn out and thoughtful, our students headed to their last lesson of the day.

Mr Lawless, trip leader, noted how good the students were: “We were so proud of our selected students today; they showed real kindness and thoughtfulness, and thoroughly enjoyed their day. Each one was selected based on their efforts during the Syrian Appeal, launched in September”

Once again, South Wirral High School students have risen to a challenge and thought of others before themselves.

“I’m really proud of our students, who chose to start the school year with such commitment to social justice.” Mrs C McCormack, Headteacher