Safer Internet Day 2016

According to Safer Internet Day, many young people have seen something hateful on the internet in the last year. Many more have witnessed online hate, having seen or heard offensive, mean or threatening behaviour targeted at or about someone based on their race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

“More worryingly, almost a quarter 24% of young people surveyed reported to have been the target of online hate themselves in the last year.” UK Safer Internet Centre
Celebrated globally in over 100 countries, Safer Internet Day is an opportunity for everyone to play their part for a better internet.

South Wirral High School joined hundreds of individuals and organisations supporting the #SID2016 social media campaign to ‘play your part and #shareaheart’.

Jo, from Safer Schools Police, provided valuable information to our students by delivering an engaging talk on safe internet practice.

Do not post or give out any personal information that could identify you

• This includes your name, address, and links or pictures of your school
• Don’t post details of where you’re going to be at a particular time
• Make sure you use the security and privacy features on your social networks

Don’t arrange to meet anyone you’ve only ever met online

• You can say no
• Tell a trusted adult

Learn how to block and report people on every chat app you use

You should:

• Only add people you know in ‘real life.’
• Don’t get involved in online arguments. Once online, it could be there forever
• Don’t join in with online (cyber) bullying
• Use an avatar as your profile picture rather than a photo of you
• Only post comments and images/videos you’d be happy for your parents to see