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Overwhelming Response to Community Lent Challenge

During Lent, this year, students at South Wirral High School and Christ the King Primary School teamed together to take part in the Charles Thompson Mission’s Lent challenge. The response from students was overwhelming. The challenge was launched by the Charles Thompson Mission in March, local residents were asked join in and collect an item a day during lent to complete boxes that they could give to people in need within our local community. With community being a key part of South Wirral’s ethos we felt compelled to take part in the collection and to give back to our community.

We launched a campaign within our school to get students involved in the challenge and invited members of our community to take part. Christ the King Primary School heard our call and students, staff and parents responded to the challenge with a huge amount of donations filling our collection car to the brim! We even had to do a second collection!

At South Wirral, registration groups competed against each other to see who could collect the most amount of donations! Stanley 3 were the proud winners collecting lots of clothing to donate.

The collection raised enough items to fill lots of boxes and help people in our community. Amy, from Charles Thompson, visited South Wirral High School on 18th April to collect the boxes of food and clothing.

Joel, from South Wirral, said:

“I wanted to donate to the challenge because I had toys that I didn’t really need and other children can have fun using them.”

Students from South Wirral High School and Christ the King Primary school have risen to the challenge of helping our community and generously giving back to others.

Mr Moseley, Marketing Officer at South Wirral High School said:

“It’s great to see local schools working together to help our community. The students at South Wirral High School and Christ the King Primary School have done a sterling job!”

Amy, from the Charles Thompson Mission said:

” It’s so kind of the staff, students and parents to get involved. With the donations we received from you, we were able to make up 30+ food parcels to help the homeless and other local people in need. We see 70-100 people per day at Thompson’s Mission so without your help, we would not be able to do what we do. Thank you for your support, it is massively appreciated. “


They are currently campaigning to try and collect jeans and trousers to support even more people in the local community. To find out more about the Charles Thompson Mission or to see how you can help them visit their website at