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My Liverpool Music Scene Work Experience

My Liverpool music scene work experience was quite the excitement I had expected. As part of work experience at college, I was given the opportunity to work with and for Chris Carney of Open Culture and the Co-Founder and Producer of Threshold Festival of Music & Art, Liverpool. I was able to feel what it was like to be involved in the world of music management and I believe it has helped my future career prospects in this area.

Chris Carney, closing out Glastonbury 2013 in Mixnots.

DJ, music events Director, Chris Carney, closing out Glastonbury 2013 in Mixnots (pictured with both hands in the air).

Reviewing Music Acts
My first task was to find and review music acts and decided whether they would be suitable for certain events. This allowed me to hear and analyse all kinds of music and then left me to decide whether they suit particular venues or events. It was also interesting seeing what equipment individual acts required if they were to perform live and let me see a more technical side of live music performances.

Arab Arts Festival
Another part of my work experience was attending and working at the Arab Arts Festival that took place in Sefton Park Palm House during the summer. This was a really hands-on event and required a lot of concentration and efficiency from all involved in making it run smoothly. I handled all sorts of things revolving around artistic liaison such as making sure the artists had all their equipment, ensuring they were comfortable in-between performances and that they knew when to prepare for going on stage.

Meeting Musicians
I met several unique music acts that I would never have met otherwise and this helped me witness more than the typical rock/pop music events that I had only previously seen. Again, there was a technical aspect to the event that meant plugging in equipment, making sure all the equipment worked correctly and then also packing away all the equipment and cables at the end of the day. This event has helped me understand how to handle a live and fast paced atmosphere.

Flyover Project
I also took part in the Flyover Project which saw the Churchill Way flyover in Liverpool become pedestrianized for one day to be host to events and free up a large section of space in Liverpool city centre. The project focuses on Urban Regeneration and wants to make a vibrant and eco-friendly space in Liverpool. This was shown when I was helping set up for the day and was transporting several plants up and down the flyover and all sorts of creative sculptures to be displayed for visitors.

Sean, working at the Friends of the Flyover Festival, Liverpool.

Sean (far left), working at the Friends of the Flyover Festival, Liverpool.

Stewarding at the Event
My role was stewarding, and I was never left without anything to do. I was supervising different live acts throughout the day with dance teachers, interpretive dancers and comedy troupes all performing at some point of the day. I also got to receive feedback from those visiting the project, and I asked them questions on what they thought. The general consensus was that the project was positive to Liverpool and could draw large crowds in the future.
My work experience was such a unique experience I could take part in, and I feel privileged to have even been offered such an opportunity, organised through South Wirral Sixth Form. Chris Carney really helped me feel welcome, and I learned a lot and contributed a lot to all the events I worked on.

Future Volunteering Opportunity
As a result of my reliability, I have been asked to work as a volunteer at threshold Festival 2017, which is another fantastic opportunity to continue gaining more experience working in the music industry.

Threshold 2016 image

Threshold 2016 image