Library Update – Reading For Pleasure Winners Announced

Last school year our students read 2894 books. Just think – that means Ms Edwards, Mr Keenan and the junior Librarians have to put all of them back on the shelves!

Reading for pleasure aims to get students away from just reading the same old thing, get them out of their comfort zone. As 2 of the challenges ask for books recommended by a friend or a teacher, conversations about good reads should be taking place during registration time. This also means you can talk about books you didn’t like.

Two of the challenges ask students to read non-fiction, (fact) books. For some people, these are the type of books that they prefer during their reading lessons. As ever there is the enduring interest in the Guinness World Records, Horrible Histories, car books, Shakespeare and cookery. However the most popular by far are the football biographies – with this in mind, Jamie Vardy’s biography is just about to go onto our shelves.

Over 1700 fiction (story) books were read last year. There are over 3500 to choose from. Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, Harry Potter and Darren Shan books are the most favoured at South Wirral.

Many achieved a number of the challenges, but only Kieran Davies (Wilson 5) completed all 5. He won a book token to help him towards this years reading. Special mentions also for Harry Gorman (Mayer 5), Emily Cook (Mayer 7) and Rosie Eaton (Wilson 5) for completing 4 / 5 challenges.

Students must remember to fill in the short book survey on Moodle after reading every book. Books read at home count towards challenges as well. So I hope we see a longer list of students next year who are reading a variety of genres, biographies and fact books.

– Mrs Edwards, Librarian


The Reading For Pleasure Challenges

Years 7-11

Challenge 1 – Any fiction book
Challenge 2 – Any fiction book recommended by another student
Challenge 3 – Non-fiction book biography/autobiography
Challenge 4 – Any nonfiction book
Challenge 5 – Any book recommended by a member of staff

Sixth Form

Challenge 1 – Pre 1900 fiction
Challenge 2 – Post 1900 fiction
Challenge 3 – Fiction recommended by another student
Challenge 4 – Non-fiction academic text recommended by a member of staff
Challenge 5 – Academic  journal or magazine
Challenge 6 – Quality newspaper