Interview – International Students Lea & Safin

This week, Lea and Safin return to their home countries after spending time with us here at South Wirral Sixth Form. We caught up with them before their flights to have a chat about their experiences.

South Wirral: When did you join us here?

Safin: I came here last September.
Lea: This February.

SW: What subjects have you been studying?

S: I studied business, Digital Photography and PE.
L: Music, Maths and English Literature.

SW: What have you enjoyed the most?

S: My favourite subject was Digital Photography because you can be creative and do something special – more hands-on.
L: I really like Music because I could sing, make music and also have the possibility to write essays which would help to improve my English.

SW: Is that something you’re looking to get a career in?

S: I want to do something with film, so I think that digital photography is a helpful subject.
L: I’m not sure yet – I’ve not really thought about that. I could imagine being a musician but it’s quite hard to be one, so it’s a possibility!

SW: What are you planning to do when you return to your home countries?

S: Back in Germany I have 2 more years of school, we need to study all subjects like Maths, German, English… a lot more subjects than here.
L: Same for me – I’ve got 2 more years left before I can go to University back in Switzerland and we can’t drop any subjects.

SW: Do you think you’ll return to England at any point

S: Yes I will definitely come back.
L: Me too, it will be nice to visit my host family – and go around the country.

SW: Have you enjoyed your time at South Wirral and would you recommend it to somebody else looking to study in the UK?

S: Yeah I’ve had a really good time here. It’s an amazing experience to do an exchange.
L: The people here are just really friendly and take you into their group, show you around and talk with you. I really like that.

SW: What’s been the most challenging part about your time here?

S: I think that PE has been more difficult than I thought – you have to study a lot! I thought I’d just be playing basketball but it’s a lot of theory work.
L: For me, it was first of all to understand the accent. Now I’ve got used to it but in the beginning, I was just sat there like “…pardon??”!.

SW: What’s your favourite scouse term you’ve picked up then?

L: Y’alright la that’s proper boss tha’!
S: Just ‘la’ at the end of everything!

SW: What three words would sum up your South Wirral experience?

L: Friends, Growth & Opportunities
S: Experiences, Confidence & ‘La’!