South Wirral High School teacher has launched a petition to make Hillsborough‬ a part of the National Curriculum. We want every child in the country to learn the truth about the events of that day so the truth and the legacy and of the 96 will live on.

Calls for Hillsborough disaster to be included on National Curriculum

Sign our Petition to get the Hillsborough Disaster into the National Curriculum.

For the past four years, we have held an annual “Hillsborough Day” for Year 10. The day includes four key lessons: the truth, the fight for justice, the role of the media and the legacy of football. We want every child in the country to learn the truth about the events that day so that no child grows up with misconceptions about Hillsborough.

With this in mind, Mr Jones (Head of Geography & Citizenship) has set up a petition for the disaster to be included in the National curriculum – and it’s caught the attention of local media. Mr Jones has become somewhat of a celebrity in school having been interviewed about the petition by Capital FM, Heart and with more lined up this week.

Below is taken from his interview with Radio City 96.7

“For the past four years we’ve held a Hillsborough day here at the school – that day involves four lessons, on the truth, the fight for justice, the legacy, the role of the media and the aftermath of the disaster

The lessons were backed by the Hillsborough families including Margaret Aspinall who personally attended the lessons. Margaret lost her son, James Aspinall, at Hillsborough.

Graham said : “Margaret said it’s brilliant that the fact that people here know an awful lot, but it really needs to be across the whole of the country – This year I decided that I would start the petition so thatall young people learn the truth and more importantly the legacy of the 96 live on.”

The idea is to incorporate lessons on the Hillsborough disaster into existing PSHE lessons,

“We teach life studies lessons, so that’s how it will fall into our Curriculum. In our legacy lesson, we look into the impact that the disaster had on Football Stadia, one the idea of the truth and here we have our own South Wirral independent enquiry, and what the students do is look through the evidence of the day and they come up with their own enquiry, and that’s how we like to teach it, through critical thinking.”

“It’s about the students becoming independent learners. The response from the children is emotional.”

Often they’ve heard snippets of information, but when they look into the issues in such depth, they get a real sense about what Hillsborough is all about, the kind of fight the families have had, and they come away with a real sense of being part of a community that cares, and fought for truth and justice.”

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