Guided Choices – Options Booklet 2017-18

This handbook has been designed to help you to support your child in making informed decisions about their future learning in Key Stage 4. It contains important information about all the forms of qualifications currently available South Wirral High School. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, with flexibility for wide choices. Choices made now may influence future career pathways, so it is vital that all options are considered carefully. The curriculum we offer is a carefully judged programme of courses that will enable your child to access a range of pathways. The guided choices process consists of three key elements:

Tuesday 31st January – The options booklet will be issued giving details of courses on offer and choices available. There will be a special options assembly for students.
Tuesday 31st January – Parents’ evening when you and your son/daughter can discuss options with subject staff.
by Wednesday 15th February – Return Option forms to Mr Cloherty no later than Wednesday 15th February to indicate preferences.

Our aim is to give your child flexibility and choice to support their individual needs and aspirations. The outline of courses available in this handbook is provisional. Final course details will, inevitably, be dependent upon sufficient numbers of learners opting for a particular course. However, everything possible will be done to enable students to follow their first choice subjects, provided we feel it is suited to their ability and aptitude.

This handbook provides syllabus details about each course alongside clear guidance around the three broad pathways that students could take and the reasoning behind why a particular pathway is best for them. Should you require any further assistance, we are more than happy to help.

At Parents Evening our Deputy Headteacher, Mr. Cloherty, will be on hand should you have any questions regarding the right pathway for your child. Should you wish to receive further advice and guidance beyond parents evening, we would highly recommend that you contact the school office to arrange a further appointment to speak with Mr. Cloherty, or your child’s Head of House.