Geography Trip of a Life Time: Iceland

Geography Trip of a Life Time: Iceland. Account my teacher, Mrs Haslan. In June 2016 Mr. Jones, Miss Nicol & Mr. Haslem took 30 of the most eager Geography students at South Wirral High School to the tectonically active country of Iceland, (not to be confused with the vol-au-vent active supermarket of Iceland). The journey began at 1.45am on a Sunday morning outside the school gates to board a coach down to Heathrow. Before a dash across the airport to our gate and finally a two-hour flight to Keflavik airport.

Blue Lagoon
Once landed and all accounted for we were whisked away to ‘Blue Lagoon,’ an outdoor set of thermal springs. The springs attract tourists from across the world for its warm waters and therapeutic mud which is apparently good for the skin. A few hours spent relaxing in the springs covered in mud, and everyone was ready to head out for dinner. We let the students showcase their map reading skills by getting lost on purpose in Reykjavik. Once we had eaten, everyone was ready to head back to the hotel for an early night and another day of Icelandic adventures.

Gullfoss Waterfall
The next day we embarked on the ‘Golden Circle’ tour where we were treated to such sites as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – the divide between the North American plate and our Eurasian plate. Our next stop was the colossal Gullfoss waterfall to view the huge volume of water that runs off the glaciers. It is this that give the country its name. Our last stop was the Strokkur geyser where we experienced the erupting jets of boiling water. The stench of sulphur in the air was awful. After the tour about half, the group joined Mr. Jones and Mr. Haslem in Reykjavik central park to watch England crash out of the Euros to Iceland! We absorbed the fantastic atmosphere as the country celebrated their win.

South Shore Tour
Another day and another tour of Iceland, this day was the South Shore tour. This included, not one, but two waterfalls, one of which we managed to walk behind and get suitably drenched. The tour also included a visit to the shoreline and volcanically formed basalt columns and a look out to the Atlantic Ocean. After our tour we all headed back to our hotel for one last meal together, a very Icelandic burger and chips before an early night to get ready for our flight back.

This really was the Geography Trip of a Life Time!