Four Common Myths about Apprenticeships

1 Apprenticeships are for people who can’t get into university
Many people have been led to believe that University is the one route to career success. Of course, university is still an excellent option, and some jobs still require a degree, such as teaching, a doctor, or a professor. In reality, however, far too many people are being misled into thinking that university is the only road to career success; it is not necessarily the right choice for everyone.

Some apprenticeships are an option if you didn’t get the best grades in school, but now, many are high-level, meaning that students prime for a university education, are now applying for apprenticeships. Employers are looking for candidates who can learn their industry by training on the job, possessing qualities such as initiative and work ethic, that is deemed more important than memorising facts and figures from a textbook. Employers are looking for fast learners, reliability, and competence. All outstanding qualities in an employee and student.

2 Apprenticeships are for manual jobs like construction
Apprenticeships initially, were only seen in industries such as construction, but times have changed. These days, there are apprenticeships in industries such as Media, Advertising, Graphic Design, Journalism and Accountancy. Creative Pioneers are fantastic for students wanting a career in the creative industry. Many industries have begun to realise the tremendous and positive potential of taking on apprentices. Employers can mould an apprentice into a role which they deem suitable. An appealing prospect for any company.

3 University is for people who know what they want to do
Apprenticeships are just an alternative route to for students leaving school and college. Some people think that apprenticeships are just for people who didn’t succeed in education. This simply isn’t true. Apprenticeships often suit people who know which sector or area they want to succeed in, so they can go straight into a working environment as an apprentice. This means getting ‘hands-on experience’ as well as a high-level qualification.

4 Apprenticeships don’t lead to anything and are low-level qualifications
Many apprenticeship schemes offer varying levels of qualifications, from Level 2 (equal to GCSEs) to level 4 (equivalent to degree level). This means apprenticeships are recognised as good qualifications and are of a very high standard from Level 4. Not only do you get qualifications, but you receive invaluable work experience. After one year employers can also take the apprentice on full-time. Some apprenticeships will even sponsor you to do a degree. Our Sixth Form student, Cameron, has been offered a long-term apprenticeship, with a paid-for degree at John Moores University.

Read his success story here.

So whether you choose to go to university or pursue an apprenticeship, both options are valuable, and will help you work towards a prosperous future. At South Wirral High School, your future destination is important. South Wirral are now in partnership with Young Chamber, Wirral Chamber of Commerce, who work (mainly) with our Sixth Form students, delivering employability workshops and one-to-one sessions. Read about it here.
Still think apprenticeships aren’t worthwhile?

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