Former Student’s Entrepreneurial Success

We love to hear about the exciting destinations our former students go on to, recently we caught up with former student Matt Kelly who has used the skills he learnt at South Wirral to become an entrepreneur in the events and medical sectors.

The skills I learnt at South Wirral High School gave me the confidence and ability to set up a very successful Event Medical and First Aid Training company, Spark Medical Limited. The company works alongside the likes of Liverpool Football Club, BBC, BTR Liverpool and The Hive Youth Zone and we employ a team of 40 strong.

I never knew what I wanted to do when I left school and still didn’t until I was about 20 – I enjoyed ICT and Media. I used to dread my alarm going off in the morning, but it’s only now when I look back at my time at South Wirral that I realise they laid the foundations and taught me the importance of strong leadership and teamwork.

If I was to give two pieces of advice to current students it would be that there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs – and to take every opportunity that is offered to you. I managed to get to where I am now with a lot of hard work and it is now paying off. For those that may struggle in school, as long as you work hard and make the right choices, South Wirral will give you wide range of life skills ready for the journey ahead.

I am so grateful for the opportunities South Wirral gave to me over my 5 years there.

For more information about Matt’s company – Spark Medical – visit their website or Facebook page, or check out this video of the work Matt and his team have been involved with over the past year.