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Former Student Studying Sports Management in Cyprus

Since finishing her second year at university, former South Wirral student Georgina Ellison-Burkhill has been helping out in the PE department to gain valuable experience before she jets off to Cyprus later in the summer to continue her studies. We spoke to her about her time at South Wirral, university experiences and future ambitions.

South Wirral: What did you study at South Wirral Sixth Form?

Georgina: Originally I studied A Level PE, English Literature and BTEC Sport – but A Level PE didn’t really go how I wanted it to and I didn’t do so well. I panicked a little, but Sixth Form team were so supportive of me and I was able to change to Forensic Sciences. I attended both Year 12 & 13 in the same year to get 4 A Levels. It actually worked out much better for me than expected, so I was made up!


SW: What are you studying at university?

G: I’m at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Sports Management, which is all about the running of events and I’m in my element – I really enjoy it. In South Wirral, I attained Higher Sports Leaders Level 3 and combined with opportunities presented by MMU I was able to start voluntary coaching at Primary Schools. With those qualifications behind me, they snapped me up straight away, enabling me to have a part-time job


Georgina (Bottom Right) with fellow Sports Leaders and a replica Olympic Torch

SW: Did you take part in many extracurricular activities during your time at South Wirral?

G: Everything you can think of! Netball, basketball with Miss Adu all the way through, Tag Rugby, Rounders, Football. I was always down in PE at lunch time!


SW: Where are you going to study abroad and what does it entail?

G: I’m going to Cyprus – the University of Nicosia – in August/September time to continue studying Sports Management, 

credited a bit differently but recognised that I’ve studied in 2 universities – I’m lucky because a lot of people on my course are studying elsewhere and are having to change their course to Business for example, but mine is very similar. I’m a little nervous – I can’t speak the language!

I’m hoping to take the sport out there – I’ve been approached by one of our guest lecturers who runs Manchester Giants Basketball team who has offered to go into business together. He’s already got a company called BallZone which helps people get their Level 1 & 2 qualifications for example – so it’s a perfect partnership! We’re hoping to train up reps from holiday companies so they’ve got the correct DBS and coaching qualifications – everything that they need for when children engage in activities abroad.


SW: Have you always known this was the kind of thing you’d like to do?

Georgina (third from right) helped raise hundreds of pounds for charity during her time at South Wirral

G: Yeah definitely – from such a young age I’ve always been involved in sport and that just grew and grew. I ran for Wirral Athletic Club when I was in South Wirral and I fell into a good sporty year group. It progressed through South Wirral and I got all my qualifications here, I was never quite sure specifically what I wanted to do in sport – whether it was Teaching or Coaching – but I’ve been lucky to run events and do a bit of everything I’ve wanted to so far.


SW: What job would you like to get into after your studies?

G: I’d love this business to kick off but I’m also looking to go into events – one of my topics at university last year was to ‘create your own sporting event’ for charity. So I ran a tournament at Bebington High School in memory of my Nan and Grandad who had Alzheimer’s and dementia. We had 12 teams of 7-a-side football on the astroturf, and I charged £10 per person so we raised a total of £1,500 –  I’m repeating it again this year on the 25th June. I’d love to work on similar schemes with the council (like Sport England).

I’ve been so lucky – at South Wirral, I was able to do exactly what I’ve wanted to do. The staff here have truly been the backbone of everything that has happened since – when I put in applications I can say I’ve got this qualification and that qualification, it’s all from coming to South Wirral.

I failed my 11+ for Wirral Grammar, and I remember being devastated – but my Mum told me she’d rather I excel at South Wirral than struggle at Wirral Grammar and I think it was the best thing to happen for me.