End of Term Arrangements

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I should like to inform you of the arrangements we have made for the end of term and the beginning of next term. School will finish on Friday 21st July 2017. All key stage 3 & 4 students will be dismissed from school at 2.15pm. KS5 students will be dismissed 12.15pm.

Students are expected to be in full school uniform on that day, including their blazers. There will be no school buses available so students will have to make their own arrangements for reaching home.

We have to complete our attendance figures on the last day of term, so if your son/daughter/ward is absent during the last week it is essential that school be informed immediately. If we do not receive this information we cannot “authorise” the absence and it automatically becomes “unauthorised”, and hence a truancy. We would be very grateful for your help in this matter.

On Thursday 17th August ‘17, the school will open at 9.00am for Year 13 and at 10.00am for Year 12 students to collect exam results. On Thursday 24th August ‘17 at 9.30am the school will open for Year 11 students to collect examination results. Once results are collected, every student will receive a destinations interview where they will either confirm their place and courses for study in Year 12 or 13, or confirm their next destination in Education, be it College, Apprenticeship or University. This is extremely important and students should ensure they do not leave the results session without this meeting.

School begins for students in Year 7 on Tuesday 5th September 2017 for an Assembly at 8.40am.

Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 should return to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017 starting with an assembly at 8.40am. The location of each assembly is as follows:

Year 7: In tutor rooms

Year 8: Drama Studio

Year 9 & 10: Sports Hall

Year 11: Main Hall

The new Year 12 should return to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 9.15am in the Drama Studio for induction. Lessons will begin period 2 on that day.

The new Year 13 should return to school on Thursday 7th September 2017 between 9.30am and 12.00 noon and go to the Common Room for enrolment. Students will receive a time for enrolment on results day. It is important that they attend this appointment time.

All sixth form students will then be provided with final timetables on Friday 8th September.

Please ensure that your child is in full, correct school uniform on their first day in school in September. Details are available on our website. Sixth form students will also have received detailed information regarding standards and expectations of professional wear.

We thank you for your support this year and we hope you and your family have an enjoyable summer break.

Yours faithfully,

M. Cloherty

Deputy Headteacher