Employability Advantage for South Wirral High School Students

The students are the beating heart of South Wirral High School. We have begun a new partnership with Young Chamber, helping us bridge the gap between education, apprenticeships and employment. By staying on or joining South Wirral Sixth Form, students have a distinct advantage regarding local employment, apprenticeship and career opportunities. South Wirral is one of a few select schools to be part of the scheme.

“Young Chamber is a way of introducing you (the students) to the world of work and putting direct contact with local businesses at the heart of careers guidance.” Mr A Neal, Head of Sixth Form

Young Chamber, part of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, boast a vast network of local businesses that South Wirral High School students can now access. Students benefit because they can meet directly with employers. Young Chamber will help all students within the school and can provide the kind of information that will improve their employability, and help them decide which direction to pursue.

“We will work with South Wirral to ensure you (the students) maximise your future education and employment opportunities.” Kate, Head of Training, Young Chamber

Young Chamber will provide support with embedding key skills for work in the curriculum and have identified what employers value.

Most valuable entry-level skills that firms value most are:

  • Communication (88%)
  • Literacy (69%)
  • Numeracy (64%)
  • Computer Literacy (56%)
  • Teamwork (53%)

Alongside South Wirral High School Sixth Form courses, Young Chamber activities will provide students with the opportunity to take responsibility, make decisions and work with others within a business culture. Students may choose a vocational route or an academic pathway, but either way, our partnership with Young Chamber means we can signpost students to employers for them.

Here are just a few examples of how Young Chamber will work alongside South Wirral High School:

  • Enterprise Days – develop students’ branding and business skills for employment
  • Employability training including interview techniques and core competencies, universities and employers look for in young people
  • Exclusive links to local businesses, providing possible work experience, mentoring and job opportunities in various job areas, including engineering, health & social care, and commercial companies

So if a student wants to gain a real apprenticeship, acquire the qualifications at Sixth Form and find a good employer, South Wirral, alongside Young Chamber can help. If students want opportunities for work placements or experience to further their studies, we can help too. Whatever the destination, we will help get students on the right track.

For more information, please contact Miss M Willis on 0151 327 3213, or visit her in VAPA and make an appointment. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the fun activities, trips and events in South Wirral High School, including Young Chamber updates.

Employability Advantage for South Wirral High School Students

Employability Advantage for South Wirral High School Students