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Brookhurst Primary Take Part In Tag Rugby Taster

On Monday 13th November Year 5 and 6 from Brookhurst Primary school attended a tag rugby taster afternoon at our school.

Pupils were split into 8 teams and played in one of two tournaments; a domestic teams tournament comprising of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and an international tournament featuring Australia, New Zealand, France and South Africa. Pupils gave phenomenal effort and demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship.

Team Wales, gained a well-deserved success after winning all of the games, with Ireland in second place, Scotland in 3rd and England placing 4th.  In the international tournament, New Zealand came 1st, Australia and South Africa came joint second and France came 4th.  Individual pupils from each tournament were also awarded personal certificates if they were nominated by our 6th form sports leaders for one of the following awards, teamwork, determination, discipline, positive attitude and sportsmanship.
The pupils from Brookhurst were a credit to their school and all went away having enjoyed the festival.

Brookhurst Year 5:

“I would like to do something like that again”
“I felt inspired and interested and I want to do it again!”
“All the leaders inspired us to get more healthy”

“I am not normally into rugby but I really enjoyed myself”

Brookhurst Year 6:

“It was so amazing I would definitely do it again!”
“I found it really fun because I enjoyed being a defender”
“It was fun working together with the boys as we worked as a team, passing it to each other”