Boyband visit South Wirral High School

What an exciting day at South Wirral High School! Why? Up and coming band, The Scheme, who are coming to the end of a two-week tour of the UK and the USA, visited us today. The band members – Kyle, Kris and Aleksey, who write their own music – came to perform to our students bringing an important message about the dangers of alcohol, smoking, and drug abuse.

The Scheme promotes a healthy living lifestyle as well as highlighting the dangers and prevalence of peer pressure amongst young people. Their message was loud and clear, and the impact on the students was huge. The band members voiced personal experiences of friends and acquaintances who have been negatively impacted by drugs and alcohol.

“The Scheme made think how drugs and alcohol aren’t good for your health, and it made me think about how much I want a good future because drugs and alcohol can change your life for the worse.” Abbie, Year 7

We want to thank them for performing to our excited crowd, as well as articulating the dangers of drugs and alcohol in an engaging way.

Good luck on your next tour!