Benefits of Going to University

University is the time of your life
The term ‘the best days of your life’ gets bandied about a lot when referring to university, and our student visitor whole-heartedly agreed! Usually, going to university means your first taste of freedom – especially if you move away from home. It can be a rewarding experience; a chance to get involved with many clubs and societies, socialise throughout the week, and of course, study! We know that university isn’t for everyone, but there are still many benefits of going to university. To find out what they are, we invited a second-year Psychology BA (Hons) student from Liverpool John Moores University, to talk to our Sixth Formers about her personal experience, as well as highlighting the range of benefits of Liverpool John Moores University.

LJMU student visits Sixth Formers 

The morning began with our lively, confident and informative Psychology student from LJMU, giving a student’s overview of life as a student. As well as discussing career options available, Amy talked about the day to day life, including how she has learnt to cook a hot meal! Year 12s listened, as Amy talked about the myriad benefits of being a student including discount on many restaurants, shops and sports facilities, for those down-times when you’re not studying. The phrase ‘the best days of your life’ gets bandied about a lot. If you move to a new city, here are lots of opportunities to meet people in your halls or at social events organised by the student union or other students.

“The reason I love uni is that the lifestyle is so much fun. LJMU is the perfect place to be a student, and I love student life. They have 24-hour help, including round-the-clock in the library, so there’s someone there to help you. When I first moved away from home, I had to learn how to do everything. I couldn’t cook a thing before uni, and now, I can cook mean beans on toast! Living in halls in the first year was fun; LJMU helped me sort a beautiful place, next to Lime Street Station, what a fantastic location! You can choose from a variety of halls at every uni; it just depends on how much you’re able to spend. You meet so many people at uni, and there are loads of fun things to do in and out of uni. Students get loads of discount with NUS cards, meaning, not paying full price for a lot of stuff, like the cinema, eating and buying clothes and things. Aside from the social aspect of uni, I am learning so many new things. I have learned how to learn, and I feel my mind has been exposed to so many new experiences, it’s building me as a person. I would recommend uni to anyone! I’m having the best time of my life!”

Sixth Form students South Wirral High School

What are the benefits of going to university?
A qualification at the end of it which will hopefully help you get a decent job. Some careers such as teaching, doctor, or solicitor, require a university degree. Make sure you’re checking which qualification your chosen career requires.

  • Possible to make lots of new friends
  • Possible to make professional connections and do internships during the holidays or a year in industry, that could lead to a job offer when you finish
  • A chance to experience a bit of independence – especially if you move to a new area
    Develop knowledge and expertise in your subject
  • Develop resilience and perseverance
  • Pursue a career you are passionate about
  • Improve career prospects and give yourself an opportunity to earn more money
  • The proud moment you graduate
  • Career prospects may be enhanced by having a degree –
  • Studying at degree level develops transferable skills such as:
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Independent thought
  • Report writing
  • Team working
  • Leadership skills
  • Effective communication


  • The debt, university fees are rocketing now, and £9000 a year is expensive! This means, students are likely to be heavily in debt when they embark on their career
  • It’s three to four years you could be earning money instead, working your way up in a career

Whatever you decide to do after Sixth Form, South Wirral High School will help you reach your destination!

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