Arrivederci Allesandro!

South Wirral has a long history of welcoming students from all across the globe through our doors to not only give them a taste of the British education system, but also to enrich the experience of our current students.

We spoke to Allesandro Arnone, an exchange student from Italy who is returning home after 5 months studying at South Wirral High School.

South Wirral: What subjects have you been studying during your time here?

AA: History, P.E and Digital Photography – I’ve really enjoyed all of them, but Digital Photography has been my favourite because it’s been them most practical.

SW: Are you looking into a career related to one of these subjects?

AA: I want to study Medicine, but our school years are a little different in Italy so have already completed the things that are being studied here this year – so rather than waste time going over things I already know I chose different subjects to learn about other things I enjoy.

SW: Have you enjoyed your time at South Wirral Sixth Form?

AA: It’s brilliant – in Italy, we don’t have any free periods or a common room where you can go and chill with friends. Some students here complain about how much work they do but it’s a lot worse in Italy! I’ve made lots of friends who I’ll keep in touch with – I’ll be back to visit in the summer for a week or two.

SW: What are your plans now?

AA: I’ll be finishing school next year at home, then I hope to come back to England to study Medicine at University in Liverpool.

SW: What words sum up your South Wirral experience?

AA: Amazing. I think that one word is more than enough – it’s been amazing. Studying abroad is the best thing you can do at this age.

It’s been a pleasure to have Allesandro at our school, and everyone at South Wirral wishes him the best for the future.

Interested in studying abroad after you leave South Wirral Sixth Form? Speak to one of the Sixth Form team and they will be glad to help!