Sixth Form FAQ

Q: What is the Induction Programme?
A: At South Wirral High School we run an Induction Programme during the first week in September. The Programme gives students the opportunity to discuss lessons and workshops in subjects that they are interested in. Students will also be informed on the day to day running of South Wirral High School Sixth Form and expectations of being a South Wirral High School Sixth Form student.

We aims to get Year 12/13 students working together in their new tutor groups and to develop their organisational and independent learning skills.

Q: What is the Enrolment Procedure?
A: General interviews are completed during year 11 before Christmas, options blocks are created and application forms must now be submitted.

Conditional offers are made to students subject to students meeting entry requirements.

Students meeting subject entry requirements will automatically be enrolled onto their chosen courses.

Any students not meeting their conditional offer will have the opportunity to discuss their options of study, during the first week back in September.
Q: How is the Sixth Form different from the rest of the school?
A: (a) Students adopt a smart dress code (smart office wear) that:
 Enables them to look sharp and feel purposeful.
 Helps them feel more mature.
 Makes them stand out amongst all the other students.


(b) Students have a certain amount of freedom and movement to:
 Leave the school premises at lunchtime.
 Use the main entrance to the school.
 Use the Sixth Form common room.
 Organise their own time (so long as they meet the minimum 3 hours requirement per week per subject).
 If students need to leave school, they must bring a note that is then signed by the Assistant Head of Sixth Form. For fire and safety reasons, any students leaving school must sign in and out at the main office.

(c) Students will have non-contact time, some of which can be spent reading but much of which will have to be used for private study.

Q: How will my progress be monitored?
A: There is a good deal of personal contact between staff and students. Parents are often involved and we are happy to arrange interviews as the need arises. On a more formal level, we hold Progress Interview Day and other progress reviews where Sixth Form staff and tutors discuss individual students. There are also modules part way through the year in many subjects, as well as internal examinations, assessments and reports.

Q: Is what other ways is progress monitored?
A: Achievement and Targets will involve you in discussing your aims, progress, difficulties, successes, hopes and aspirations with tutors and sixth form staff. You will have regular interviews throughout Sixth Form to help you to be successful.


Q: How is the Sixth Form organised?
A: Each Tutor group is a mixture of Year 12 and 13 students following a wide variety of courses. The form tutor has day-to-day oversight of the students in his/her form and you meet twice a day for registration. The form teacher is your first point of contact regarding any concerns or issues arising.

Twice a week, the Sixth Form meets for morning assembly, once in the main hall and once in the drama studio.

There is a Sixth Form Committee. This consists of elected members of both Year 12 and 13 and is responsible for the organisation and running of a whole range of activities and the day-to-day management of Sixth Form social areas. Also, this group is consulted on a full variety of issues which affect the Sixth Form.