Beth's Story

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Number in year756069
Number going to University423836
% of year group going to University56%63%52%
Number of University cohort at Russell group9108
% of Russell group among University cohort21%26%22%
Number gaining 1st choice at University363834
% of Univerity cohort gaining 1st choice86%100%94%
Number gaining apprenticeships134
% of cohort gaining apprenticeships17%7%
Number gaining employment118
% gaining employment14.5%13%
Number at college / Year 14410
% of cohort at college / Year 145%17%
HighlightsCameron ArrowsmIth @ Markhams higher level apprenticeship. Hannah Dobson A*AABBGeorgia Racey Midwifery, 100% destinationHannah Potts @ Levers higher level apprenticeship