Geographers are multi-skilled. They are able to analyse and interpret information on a variety of scales and from a variety of sources. They don’t just read maps and look for capital cities! Geographers are mathematicians, scientists, sociologists and psychologists.

Geography students can go on to a variety of occupations and study a variety of qualifications at university. There are many professions that hold geography in high regard. These include: marketing, manufacturing, financial services, management, environmental services, journalism, surveying, tourism, resource management, education, armed forces etc.

Geography is a dynamic and inspirational subject. At South Wirral geography students are challenged to look in awe at the world around them and develop a sense of wonder.

Geography at South Wirral is currently experiencing a renaissance. Over the past two years the numbers opting for GCSE geography have quadrupled. This rapid growth has basically resulted from hard work and determination. Making geography lessons stimulating, challenging and relevant is fundamental.

The teaching of Geography at South Wirral endeavours to meet the needs of every student. The teaching and learning style is based on the Mind Friendly Model which is similar to the Accelerated Learning Model. Every effort is made to appeal to students’ varied learning styles and multiple intelligences. This approach is an extension of the National Strategy, going beyond the notion of a three-part lesson. Thinking Skills are endemic to the teaching of geography at South Wirral. Creative teaching is positively encouraged.


At the moment AQA syllabus A is taught for both A Level and GCSE. These provide a balanced curriculum of both physical and human topics. At Key Stage 5 students have 10 hours over two weeks and five hours at Key Stage 4. At Key Stage 3 students have one hour of Geography per week.

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