South Wirral High School Art Department strives to look for new ways of developing the previous, and existing good practice.

Regular exposure to artists and galleries enhance students’ understanding of the curriculum and provide the excitement and inspiration to increase individual progress in Art and Design.

  • KS3 Lunchtime clubs
  • KS3 year 9 GCSE Taster clubs
  • KS3 Trips to TATE Liverpool and Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • KS4 GCSE options in Fine Art or Digital Photography
  • KS4 GCSE opportunity to exhibit artwork at the Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • KS4 year 10 trips to TATE Liverpool and Walker Art Gallery
  • KS4 year 11 Raise a Grade clubs
  • KS4 GCSE annual Art Exhibition
  • KS5 AS and A2 options in Fine Art and Photography
  • KS5 Separate A’ Level studio space
  • KS5 year 12/13 London Trips to TATE Modern and National Portrait Gallery
  • KS5 A’ Level annual Art Exhibition
  • KS5 Graffiti workshop at Zap Studios Liverpool

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Miss R Dutton
Head of Department
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