Psychology is a well-established department at South Wirral and in the sixth form there is currently two A2 classes and one AS class.
G.C.S.E. was also introduced in September 2007 at first the AQA syllabus was adopted but since 2009 the WJEC syllabus has been followed at both G.C.S.E. and A level.

The G.C.S.E. syllabus covers similar topics to the A level the courses therefore complement each other and the G.C.S.E. will give students background and knowledge to help them progress to the full A level.

Psychology is one of the fastest growing A level subjects. Places at university on Psychology courses are heavily subscribed and good grades at A2 are required, however the rewards are great. A Psychology degree opens up many career pathways in areas such as marketing, advertising, health, law enforcement and armed services. Further studies can allow individuals to become qualified Psychologists in various fields including clinical (treating mental disorders), forensic and criminal (working with the police) and educational (working in schools and with children).

The key to understanding Psychology is to understand life. The teaching methods we use are designed to make the course subjects relevant to the everyday lives of our students.

Questions about any aspect of the Psychology courses can be directed to the current Head of Psychology Mr Favager.

Mr Favager has been the Head of three different Psychology departments over the last fifteen years. As well as teaching Psychology, Mr Favager has been a senior examiner for AQA and is currently the Principle examiner for the WJEC at A2.

Head Of Department: Mr Favager

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