The History Department has three newly furnished dedicated History rooms – each room with a computer and interactive whiteboard. In addition we have a large stockroom containing a wide variety of texts, paper resources, library, DVDs/VHSs and DVD/VHS recording and editing facilities.

The History Department is very energetic and always keen to further develop. Our strengths focus on in-house resource creation i.e. classroom activity supports, revision materials, power-point programs, edited AV material etc; Mind Friendly Learning strategies; pro-active schemes of work that are continuously being reviewed and updated around Medium Term Planning; Assessment of and for Learning strategies; homework resources; self/peer assessment and student voice approaches.

There are four members of the Department – each teaching Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. History is a popular subject at South Wirral High School. Large numbers of students opt for GCSE History – usually averaging over 100 students each year – while in years 12/13 we regularly teach up to 40 students.

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Year 10/11 – Medicine Through Time; American West; Conwy Castle.

Year 12 – Votes for Women; Civil Rights in USA; Korea/Vietnam

Year 13 – Germany 1900-1945; Coursework

Head Of Department: Mr Winters

Assessment Programmes:

Year 7

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
AutumnHistory skills lessons on the following:
• What is History – BC/AD, timelines, anachronisms
• Princes in the Tower
• Football in the Middle Ages and today – Change an and Continuity
• Aztecs – significance
Man on the Moon – interpretations
• Historical artefacts analysis
Who were the Celts /Celtic life
The Romans – empire, army
• Baseline test – knowledge of History skills and source analysis
• Man on the Moon assessment – Interpretations

Spring• The Romans – Boudicca’s rebellion
Life in the Dark Ages:
• The Anglo-Saxons
• The Viking invasions
• Crisis of 1066
Battle of Hastings
• Boudicca assessment
• Mid-term examination
Summer• The Norman Conquest
• Life in the Middle Ages
• The Black Death
• Revision
• 1066 Assessment
• End of Year exam

Year 8

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
Autumn• Tudor England – Henry VIII/Elizabeth I/
Mary Queen of Scots/Armada
• Stuart England – Gunpowder Plot/Witches/
Civil War/ Restoration/Plague
• Henry VIII and the Church assessment – Change and continuity
• Gunpowder Plot assessment - interpretations
SpringThe New World
• Native American culture/clash with British
• Pocahontas
• Revolutions – Industrial/ Agricultural/Transport
• Native American class assessment

Mid term examination
Summer• Consequences of Empire building-
Life in towns/factories/workhouses/
the colonies
• The Transatlantic Slave Trade
• Class assessment - Sources
End of Year examination

Year 9

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
Autumn• Britain in 1900 social classes
• Titanic case study
• WWI Causes
• WWI life in the trenches
• Consequences of WWI on Britain
• USA in the 1920s and 1930s
• Titanic class assessment – Cause and Consequence
• World War 1 trenches assessment - Sources
Spring• Germany after World War 1
• Life in Nazi Germany
• The Holocaust
• WWII – Causes and events
• Atomic bomb on Hiroshima
• Life in Nazi Germany assessment – interpretations
• Mid-term examination
Summer• Youth cultures
• The Cold War
• Vietnam War
• Apartheid
• Holocaust and the Blitz assessment - Significance
• End of Year exam