Catering – Key Stage 4

Year 10

Course Information & Assessment Points

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
AP2Recipe modification to make recipes healthier.
Practical skills
Knowledge tests. 
Teacher assessed practical work. 
Practice tests using exam questions.
External exam
AP4The cooking environment – safety and hygiene
Ingredients –safe and hygienic preparation
Preparation and storage of equipment and utensils.
Interpretation and use of recipes understand and methods.   
Teacher and peer assessment. 
Homework tasks. 
Completion of case study. 
AP6Controlled Task
Preparing to Cook
Controlled Task

Year 11

Course Information & Assessment Points

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
AP2Cooking methods – Controlled task
Plan & produce dishes in response to a brief
Controlled task
AP4Controlled task
Understanding food
Controlled task

Course Information
Food Technology

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