Dance – Key Stage 5

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Year 12

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
AP1Introduction to Dancer in Training (basic KNW) Unit 1 DANC1
Choreography : Craft and Process of Unit 2 DANC2
Professional works: Appreciation of Unit 1 DANC1
Practical Technical Skills Internally Assessed (Ongoing) Unit 1 (to support Unit 2)
Workshop Presentation Practical and theory written Unit 1 (videoed/PowerPoint)
AP2Working through the D.I.T textbook/Revision Booklet (independent Learning) Anatomy and Technical Skills Unit 1 DANC1
Performance Skills Unit 2 DANC2
Practical Unit 2 DANC2 Practise and Assess Solo choreography practise (choreographic skills videoed) and if applicable Performance in a Duo/Trio ance Drama DANC2 (performance Skills)
Written Unit 1 Section A practise questions papers assessed internally
AP3Research, experimentation, improvisation, manipulation Unit 1 and 2 DANC1 & 2
Professional works analysis of movement/physical setting revision books worked on. DANC1
Practical Skills Duo/Trio and solo choreography assess choice of solo question from AQA pre release paper.
Unit 2 Internal Moderation (videoed) solo and duo/trio and written feedback given.
Written Unit 1 Section B essay practise papers (ongoing assessment)
AP4Dance in Training - Diet health environment physiological Choreography form and structure.
Professional works themes and analysis knowledge and understanding compare and contrast.
Written Unit 1 PPE DANC1
Practical Unit 2 pre for exam moderation
Practical Unit 2 DANC2 Exam Internal Moderation March to May
AP5Unit 1 DANC1 prep for exam secure all knowledge in 3 areas review D.I.T/Craft and Process/Professional works
A2 preparation for Area of Study and set work
Student voice
Group choreography practise
Practical Unit 2 Review DANC2 into DANC4 - solo to be used for Group choreography practise. (internally assesses - Videoed)
Written Unit 1 Exam (June)

Year 13

 Curriculum contentAssessed work
AP1Intro to Set Work - SW - and Background Knowledge of Practitioner.
Intro to Area of Study - AOS (student voice determines these two aspects) Unit 3 DANC3
Practical work on the practitioners from both areas Unit 4 DANC4
Presentation of Background knowledge of 3 practitioners (AOS)
PowerPoint/practical choice Unit 3 DANC3
Assessed home learning of SW - HL tasks Written DANC3
AP2Prepration of practitioners style for Unit 4 solo DANC4 workshops and exemplar work to be reviewed
Knowledge of impact of AOS and understanding of Context and Content
Practical assessment in Dance Drama of SW and AOS practitioners to inform solos and embed knowledge of style for unit 3 and 4 DANC3 and DANC4
AP3Research Experimentation, improvisation and manipulation
Unit 4 DANC4 group choreography choice of dancers
Choreographic skills work shopped in lessons managing rehearsals
Assess choice of question and suitability of dancers Unit 4 DANC4 (videoed & written feedback given)
Assess choice of solo practitioner and assess practical skills (videoed)
AP4Practical work on choreographic/performance and movement style of the practitioner chosen DANC4
Professional works seen and analysed for DANC3 AOS
Group work if applicable in class/own time
Written Unit 3 PPE DANC3
Practical Unit 4 pre for exam moderation
Practical Unit 4 DANC4 Exam Internal Moderation March to May
AP5Unit 3 DANC3 prep for exam secure all knowledge in Area of Study and Set Work view professional worksWritten Unit 3 DANC3 Exam (June)
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