BYOD in Sixth Form

From 2nd May 2016 Sixth Form students are allowed to bring in their own devices to connect to our wireless and to access learning resources and aid with independent learning.

How do I sign up?

Sixth form students will be asked to complete a registration form. They will then be issued with a passcode to connect to the wireless. This code will only work on one device. Students have been limited to one device each to ensure the network runs at the best speed possible for all users.

A copy of the registration form can be downloaded here: Registration Form

Why have BYOD?

Many of our students are already using digital devices outside of school to communicate and learn. We would like to make our school resources available so that the potential of those devices can be used to further enhance learning. Our core technologies including Moodle, HAP and Office 365 can be accessed on any device over the internet.

What types/models of devices can be brought.

The device must be internet capable and we recommend that it has the ability to create and edit common documents such as word processed documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Software for Student Devices

Office 365 and Microsoft Student Advantage

All students have been provided with an Office 365 account, using their school email address.
This gives them access to Outlook Mail, One Drive for Business (1TB of cloud storage) and Microsoft Office ProPlus for PC or Mac.


To find out more about Office 365 and how to download and install Microsoft Office ProPlus, please go to: Microsoft Student Advantage

Other software

  • Onenote is a particularly good application that is part of Microsoft Office for PC, and is free on iPads, Android and the Surface RT.
  • Students can use office online as part of their OneDrive account.

What if my child does not have a device?

We will continue to provide ICT resources for Sixth Form Students, particularly in the common room and study support, but where a student has a suitable device and wishes to bring it to school, then they may do so.

Student Device Care and Security

It is important that students take responsibility for their own equipment, naming their device, handling it carefully and storing it securely when not in use. The school takes no responsibility for loss or damage that happens to the devices whilst on the school site and recommends adequate insurance is in place.

Security of devices while at school

The security of a student owned device is the responsibility of the student.

Service and Support

We are unable to provide support for student owned devices from our ICT Helpdesk.


All insurance (theft and damage) should be covered by the owner of the device. Owners should check with their insurance company as to the cover that they have under existing policies – there are variations between companies.

Virus Protection

Ensure that the virus protection on portable devices is kept up to date.

Saving and Backup

Students are responsible for their own backup of critical data at all times. This may be through a USB, SD card, external drive, or ‘cloud’-based backup to regularly backup important work. We provide 1 TB of storage through our OneDrive accounts. Students may wish to set up alternative cloud storage accounts. Many may already have this available. Hotmail uses onedrive and gmail uses GoogleDrive. Dropbox is also popular.

Printing from Personal Devices

Students are able to print from school computers.

Does South Wirral High provide hardware support for personal devices?