Thomas Raybould – Biography


Name: Thomas Raybould
Age: 18
Supported Team: Tranmere Rovers FC

Since November, I have been producing articles about Football on my WordPress website. Some of my articles have been published by the Tranmere Rovers Fanzine. I am currently in the process of writing for three different companies and I have been offered an Internship in Football Journalism in Liverpool which is a twelve week course.

I enjoy writing about Football because Football is a big part of my life as I have been brought up in a Footballing household. I am currently a season ticket holder at Tranmere and go to away games when I can. I have also been to other games that aren’t involving Tranmere. I have been to various FA Cup, Non-League and Europa League games around the country.

In the future, I would like to travel around the World to watch games in leagues such as the Bundesliga in Germany, the MLS in America. and the A League in Australia. I would also like to be working for a professional company where I am producing articles or working for a Newspaper and writing columns.