Send a Selfie

We are launching a new campaign ‘Send a Selfie’. We are asking former students to send a selfie in front of their destination after South Wirral. Whether it be in front of a University building, College or Apprenticeship company to inspire current students considering their options. The pictures will be displayed on our website and at future school events.

Please send you selfies to

Dawn Thomas – Camp Director for Emagination Computer Camps

Dawn is now Camp Director for Emagination Computer Camps. She directs their Boston Camp in the summer and then designs and creates their curriculum year round as well as recruiting, interview and planning staff training for staff at all 5 camp locations across the USA!

Dawn says :

I always had a love for the outdoors and after my first summer of working at camp for my internship back in 2001 I got hooked and didn’t want to not have that experience.  I am fortunate to have the ability to do this year round, and be a positive person in the life of hundreds of children and young adults lives each year.

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